Monday, 13 September 2010

The Football Factory - Starring Danny Dyer

Written, directed by and starring Danny Dyer in his sensational film debut this film was based on Dyer's own experiences working in a football factory.

Dan D (Dyer) is sick of his dead end life in a London kitchen sink estate so he takes a job sewing footballs in a football factory in the hope of escaping the bleak streets.

Dan D fancies himself a cut above the other employees due to the colour of his skin (he is the only white person there) and thinks that his rise through the factory's ranks is inevitable.

When a refugee is promoted to QA instead of the hard working but inept Dan D he finds himself expressing racist opinions he never knew he had. He encourages his white friends to get jobs at the football factory to "level the playing field" (one of many football metaphors expressed throughout the film).

The influx of like-minded (no-minded) white people causes tensions with the happy refugee community of the football factory leading to violent confrontations (pictured right).

Just when it seems the two sides will never get along Dan D finds out that there are plans to close the football factory  and move it to Guatemala.

The whites and the refugees join forces and fight to keep the football factory open. After killing the management in a bloody battle they all relax down the pub to watch a game of, what else, football.

A cinematic triumph for the young maverick who has never quite managed to better it.

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