Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Lost In Translation - Bill Murray, Matt Damon, Scarlet Johansson

Matt Damon is Jason Bourne. Waking up on a fishing boat off the coast of Japan with no recollection of who he is Jason Bourne knows the key to his memory is locked in the phrase "For a relaxing time, make it Santori time."

When the boat docks he goes in search of the enigmatic Bob Harris (Bill Murray) the public face of Santori whiskey. Along the way he is chased by police and a number of underworld figures. This is when Bourne discovers that he's able to Kung-Fu the fuck out of everyone.

Bourne discovers his identity - Jason Bourne - by beating it out of all the criminals and CIA men he encounters.

He never manages to meet Bob Harris, instead the movie ends with an hour long section involving Harris' attempts to seduce a lonely unnamed newlywed (Scarlet Johansson), which, though achingly dull, beautifully concludes with a long lingering kiss in downtown Tokyo traffic.

Another film that walks the tightrope of fast paced action thriller/ introspective soul searcher. More could have been done to mesh the separate plots together but the actors all put in stellar performances especially Murray whose career was given a new life by the role.

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