Saturday, 21 August 2010


Documentary following David Bowie's 1986 Labyrinth tour. Shot by a naive 14 year old fan who won a competition on TV's Going Live. We are invited into an excessive world of cocaine, dwarves and black magic.

Backstage footage shows a wasted but well meaning Bowie being led by his entourage into partaking in some risky behaviour most notably kidnapping a baby, which leads to a high speed chase from the cops through his native Germany. It ends when Bowie and the gang dump the baby in a petrol station bathroom and cross the border into the Communist East.

The tour begins to take it's toll on Bowie who starts to believe he is Jareth, King of the Goblins and can transform into a giant owl. He is often seen trying to walk through mirrors.

Everyone is clearly very worried about Bowie but him and the band still put in some amazing live performances:

The documentary ends with the fan telling Bowie that she thinks he's weird but his music still rocks. Bowie attempts to turn into an owl one last time and everyone humours him by telling him he managed it.

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