Friday, 20 August 2010

Kick Ass! - Starring Nicholas Cage, Christopher Mintz-Plasse

First off I'm not sure how this film got past the censors.

Kick Ass tells the story of Aaron, a lonely teenage boy who takes comfort in wearing his mum's gym clothes when he's been left alone in the house. He pays his 11 year old neighbour Chloe to beat him senseless.

Chloe's dad finds out about it but instead of destroying Aaron and his kinky ways he wants to play too.

He sets about teaching her how to "kick" serious "ass" in the hope of having a few bones broken by his pre-teenage daughter, and proclaims himself king of the game as Big Daddy.

A panicked Chloe realises the game has gone too far and calls the police who promptly show up and want to join in.
Chloe realises that she has no choice but to kick everyone's ass - Aaron's, her dad's, the police, anyone who stands in the way of her freedom.

The film ends with Chloe on the run from the police. She hooks up with a team of bounty hunters who talk shit about how much they'd love to kill vampires instead of people. She wastes them a few nights in when they get drunk and start asking her to wear false vampire teeth and leather.

All in all a very suspect film. Not one for the kids, it's heavily suggestive storyline makes it illegal in several countries so be careful taking it on holiday with you.

 WARNING: Kick Ass sequel Domino starring Keira Knightly is a disaster, don't watch it.

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