Sunday, 3 October 2010

Educating Rita - Michael Caine, Julie Walters

Michael Caine stars as Rita, an alcoholic loner given a girl's name at birth who prowls the streets of Liverpool breaking into housing and beating the shite out of anyone who lives there.

Julie Walters is Frank. A tough madam with a huge collection of leather catsuits and bondage equipment which she can use to hold her own.

One night when Rita breaks into Frank's house the game is set!

Only one can win!

Only one can survive!

Who will it be?
There's not much dialogue which is great for building suspense and drama but Caine really should have used a stuntman as he's clearly not in shape to be doing roundhouse kick's at head height.

An iconic film and pre-runner to the wave of smut that appeared in British Cinema in the 1980's (see Rita, Sue and Bob Too).

The film resurrected Caine's career after the disaster that was Jaws 3 and it launched Julie Walters as a household name and bricklayer's fantasy.

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